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Tetra Nitrate Test Kit

Tetra Nitrate Test Kit
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Tetratest Kits are both reliable and accurate, using professionally designed methods to determine if your water is safe for Fish. Each kit contains all the equipment necessary to perform definitive tests. Includes testing agents, vials, color scales and instructions. Product Description: RELIABLE TEST FOR NITRITE IN FRESH AND SALTWATER AQUARIUMS & PONDS. THE COLOR CHART FOR FRESHWATER IS IN PPM (0 - 100), THE SALTWATER NITRATE SCALE IN PPM IS (0 - 50). THIS KIT INCLUDES ENOUGH REAGENT TO TEST 45 TIMES. Additional Information: Nitrate is the end product of biological filtration and the result of decomposition of nitrite. It can also be present in tap water supplies, especially in areas of high fertilizer run-off. Although virtually non-toxic to fish, nitrate is a key algae nutrient and high concentrations can harm your fish. Nitrate testing is also an indicator of general water quality and filter function; as biological filtration converts ammonia to nitrite and finally to nitrate, other important chemical changes take place in the aquarium. These changes can include the loss of alkalinity (buffering capacity) or the accumulation of phosphate - thus nitrate testing can indicate possible imbalances in other areas without directly testing each one. This kit is suitable for Freshwater (including outdoor ponds), Brackish and Saltwater systems.