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Ruff Rider Roadie Elite - Pet Safety Harness

Ruff Rider Roadie Elite - Pet Safety Harness
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Please note, the manufacturer is making a newer model to be released within a few months. The sizes listed are the only sizes we have in stock. Some of the missing sizes can be found in the basic model.

If you have ever slammed on your brakes and had your dog come flying forward, you understand how hazardous vehicle travel can be for your dog. The Ruff Rider® Roadie Elite is a figure-of-eight, step into harness which has been designed from the drawing board to be a certified to human seatbelt standards, safety harness for dogs. Carl Goldberg developed the design with the help of veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Joseph Evans, and a civil engineer. They are tested for tensile strength (5000 lbs, US human standard for seatbelts) at Commercial Testing Laboratories in Denver, CO.

Why dogs and passengers are NOT safe when you have the dog in a crate?

A crash test done by a German insurance company shows debris flying freely in the test car after the dog crate exploded on impact. The crate was fastened securely in the vehicle with the seatbelt. The crate exploded because the "dummy dog" hit the inside of the crate with incredible force. Remember that any loose object in the car is a potential missile. The real question here should be "Is anyone safe in the car with a crate?"

Features of the Roadie Elite:

Harness and Material:

  • Constructed from one piece Military spec, type 7, class 2 nylon parachute strap material
  • Structural stitching, 70 denure heavy duty nylon thread, box “X” stitching
  • Tested to US human seatbelt standards for tensile strength (5000 lbs)

Ergonomic and Orthopedic Features:

  • “Single webbed construction” provides superior strength. The body of the harness is just ONE piece of nylon
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of movement, the harness design does not require a skin tight fit
  • By design, the harness fits around shoulders and crosses over clavicle. Impact is dispersed throughout the harness.
  • Unique utility – The harness never has to be removed from your dog, it can be used for auto safety, walking and training purposes.
  • Will never affect your dog’s neck or spine. Harness material is designed to have a 20% give factor which greatly reduces the chances of broken bones and bruises.

Reinforced Walking Lead:

  • Double reinforced with seatbelt webbing
  • Allows owner 2 movement options – 1) Allows dog to do anything on the seat he can do without the Roadie except fly. 2) Allows dog to sit and lie down only. In this position he cannot move around on the seat.
  • Heavy duty D-ring for walking lead connection only. NEVER use D-ring to connect harness to seat belt.

Neoprene Lining:

  • Padded red neoprene liner provides maximum comfort so harness can be worn 24/7

Dog Specific Features:

  • No collar to choke
  • Pleated under arm pits to prevent chaffing
  • Will never affect your dog’s neck or spine. Designed to have a 20% give factor, which greatly reduces the risk of broken bones & bruises.
  • The harness never has to be removed from your dog, it can be used for auto safety, walking and training purposes.
  • Like a collar – Can be worn 24/7 with no discomfort

Heavy Duty D-ring and Walking Lead Snaps:

  • Heavy duty D-ring at end of connector piece. For leash use only – NEVER connect the seat belt through the D-ring
  • Snap handle allows for easy storage of seat belt connector/lead while dog is off lead
  • For use in a SUV or van a 24KN carabineer is necessary

Fitting Instructions:

To get the RIB CAGE CIRCUMFERENCE measure your dog around the LARGEST part of his/her rib cage just behind the front legs while your dog is standing. Make this measurement SNUG, and be sure you can fit between 2-4 fingers under the measuring tape.

This size chart is an approximate guideline for sizing your dog.

Harness Size

Weight (lbs)

Weight (kg)

Rib Cage Circumference (Inches)

Size 1

10 – 13

4.5 – 5.9

16 – 17.5

Size 2

14 – 18

6.4 – 8.2

17.5 – 20

Size 3

19 – 24

8.6 – 10.9

20 – 21

Size 4

25 – 35

11.4 – 15.9

21.5 – 23

Size 5

36 – 55

16.4 - 25

27 – 29.5

Size 6

56 – 70

25.5 – 31.8

29.5 – 32.5

Size 7

71 – 95

32.3 – 43.2

32.5 – 36

Size 8

96 – 130

43.6 – 59.1

36 – 42

You should be able to insert between two and four fingers vertically between the bottom of the harness (where lead attaches to harness body) and the dogs back – less than two fingers, too small – more than four fingers too big. Puppies need to be sized just like full-grown dogs. We do not recommend that you buy a size larger for your puppy so that they will "grow into it". If the harness is too big it will fall off. We do our very best to fit dogs with the right size Roadie the first time, but since all dogs are built differently, measurement procedures may vary and personal preferences among customers differ. If you prefer, you may indicate the size you want sent instead of putting in your dog's measurements on the order form.

Below is a list of states in the US with tether laws in place:

Arkansas Massachusetts North Carolina Tennessee
California Mississippi North Dakota Texas
Colorado Nevada Oklahoma Utah
Hawaii New Hampshire Oregon Virginia
Idaho New Jersey Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Louisiana New York South Carolina Washington

30-Day Guarantee (no coverage for chewing)

* Returns have a restocking charge of 15%. Exchanges have no restocking charge but will incur shipping costs.