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Recurring Order Information FAQ

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NEW!!! We are proud to announce Recurring Orders sent automatically to your door on select items. This means you don't have to place another new order every time you want your supplies. Just choose your option from the drop down box on selected items ("Send Me This Item Once a Month", "Send Me This Item Once Every 2 Months", "Send Me This Item Once Every 3 Months", or "NO Thanks, just send me my order as is" etc...), we take care of the rest. If you choose, your Order will be duplicated, and your Credit Card Charged using the same secure method you used to place your original order. Your credit card will be charged ONLY when your products ship. If you do not want a recurring order, please choose the appropriate option from the drop down box menu. This option will say "No Thanks, just send me my order as." You can cancel at any time via email with your Name and an Order Number, along with the last 4 digits of your credit card, to confirm your identity. NO PEOPLE OR PERSONS WILL SEE YOUR PERSONAL OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO COMPLETE YOUR RECURRING ORDER TRANSACTIONS. YOUR CVV SECURITY # IS NEVER EVER SEEN OR VIEWED DURING THE RECURRING ORDER PROCESS. To our valued PAYPAL CUSTOMERS: We CAN NOT place recurring orders for your products because PayPal payments require you, the customer, to send the payment to us and this seems to defeat the purpose and convenience of recurring orders.