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Exo-Terra Bearded Dragon Adult Food, 11.5 oz.

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Exo Terra Adult Bearded Dragon Food is a complete, highly palatable, extruded pellet food diet for your adult Bearded Dragon. Formulated to ensure proper nutritional levels for optimal growth and long-term health. This food provides a complete and balanced diet for all adult agama species and other adult omnivorous reptiles, and all ingredients have been carefully selected for their quality and digestibility. Exo Terra Adult Bearded Dragon Food is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with no artifical flavor or colouring added. The line of Exo Terra extruded pellet foods was developed with digestibility and optimal species specific nutrition in mind. The foods are packed in non-transparent "Fresh-Bags" to keep the food fresh and lock in the natural aromas and flavors. The "Fresh-Bag" is more economical and environmentally friendly than bulky plastic containers. It also shields the food from light which prevents vitamin and nutrients from degrading.