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Penn Plax Reptology Turtle Topper Ramp / Dock - Above Tank Basking Platform

Item code: REP600
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The Turtle Topper is a unique and innovative platform designed to meet all the basking requirements of most aquatic turtles. Unlike other basking platforms, which are placed inside the turtle's housing, the Turtle Topper is designed to sit on top of your turtle tank, providing both you and your turtle with many benefits over traditional basking platforms. Since many aquatic turtles are active swimmers, the Turtle Topper allows you to maintain a deeper water level , resulting in a happier and healthier turtle that will be able to swim freely as in its natural environment. A deeper water level translates into a larger volume of water, which will therefore stay cleaner for a longer period of time. This provides a healthier environment for your pet turtle, while making cleaning and maintenance easier for you. With traditional basking platforms, where lower water levels are normally maintained, you will find that your filtration options are normally restricted to internal filters. The Turtle Topper, however, has no such restrictions. Basking stimulates a turtle's metabolism, aids in digestion, and strengthens its immune system. An important feature of any turtle basking spot, is that it allows your turtle to haul itself out of the water and dry off completely, which is important for your turtle's health. If a basking turtle is not able to dry off completely, it can lead to several health problems, including shell rot and skin infections. The Turtle Topper is securely mounted onto the top of your tank allowing your turtle to dry off completely. The Turtle Topper has two mounting rims designed to make use of two clamp on light fixtures and the appropriate heat and UVA/UVB compact fluorescent bulbs to handle the lighting and heat requirements of your turtle's basking spot. With the correct bulbs the turtles will be at the perfect distance to maximize the benefits of the UVB and heat bulbs.

* Fits most standard rectangular tanks up to 55 gallons---12"wide

* No more filter restrictions & The Turtle Topper can not sink with the weight of your turtle(s)

* Use all filter types including hang on power filters

* Takes the guess work out light/heat fixture placement