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Party Animal California Turkey Recipe 12 / 13 oz Can

Party Animal California Turkey Recipe 12 / 13 oz Can
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Party Animal Organic Canned Formula for Dogs takes canned food to a new level with USDA & OCIA Intl. certified organic ingredients. Simple ingredients are great for all dogs, especially those with allergies or stomach sensitivity. Your dog will benefit from the very best available canned food in the world! Party Animal adheres to the highest quality standards, is properly balanced and provides sensible nutrition for your dog. All Party Animal formulas are specially formulated with essential ingredients and contains 38 different nutrients. The organic certification process requires that each and every ingredient in Party Animal Organic Gourmet Dog Food (including those that are NOT organic) be reviewed by the organic certifying agency (that operates under the federal USDA National Organic Program) and approved for inclusion in the formula. A complete breakdown of each formula, including sources of each ingredient is required as part of the organic certifying agency's review and approval process. This independent third-party review and approval process is unique in the pet food/treats industry.