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Hydor Skimmer Performer 400 106G

Hydor Skimmer Performer 400 106G
Item code: SO1701
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Incomparable Italian-design protein skimmer offers elegant performance and easy use. Hydor Performer Protein Skimmers are equipped with an adjustable outlet/return system and an efficient foam-generating pump with special Rotomix brush impeller. The adjustable outlet/return can be set at different heights for precision control without compromising water volume within the reaction chamber. Performer Protein Skimmers employ Hydor Seltz pumps for super efficient water circulation and foam production. The result is reliable waste removal, high air concentration in main chamber, very low noise level, and low energy consumption. Hydor Performer Protein Skimmers are built with high precision CNC machined parts for safe and versatile applications in both marine and reef aquariums.

UPC#: 841421005843