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Hagen Magnetic Water Clarifier, (for up to 4000 gallons)

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Laguna Magnetic Water Clarifier is designed to help improve the performance of pond equipment like pumps, filters, and UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers by inhibiting mineral salts from forming limescale. Limescale can severely hamper the functioning of pond water equipment such as pumps, filters and UV Sterilizers/ Clarifiers. The formation of limescale on the quartz sleeves of UV Sterilizers/ Clarifiers, for example, can block UV light from entering the inner chamber and inhibit performance. It is therefore important to control the growth of limescale to ensure that pond equipment performs optimally. One way to do this is to minimize the ability of mineral salts to develop into limescale. It is a generally-accepted notion that running water through a magnetic field reduces the ability of mineral salts to produce limescale. Another important benefit of controlling or altering the structure of mineral salts is that it can severely restrict the ability of blanketweed from absorbing mineral salts. This process is not entirely understood, but it has been shown that the growth of blanketweed is limited when it cannot absorb sufficient amounts of mineral salts..