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Short Dated Items - save 20%-50%

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Want to save 20%-50% on food and treats? We've recently moved warehouses and discovered a lot of products that haven't been rotated in and out of stock properly due to the move. Some local customers know about this, but we're extending this everyone else. Some of these items have varying expiration dates listed in the product details page coming up within 1-3 months. Since some manufacturers won't take back expired items, our loss is your gain! We have to move it, and the staff pets can't eat everything that fast. All items are still factory sealed.

Is there any catch to this? Only a couple. Any item that has been discounted is not refundable. It's exchangeable if you feel it's not good, but you will have to pay shipping both ways. We can't afford to give a discount and then pay to ship items back and forth. The second is that there are only limited quantities, so once they are gone, they are gone. The option will be removed from the item's page once we find out if all the short dated items are sold. If it sells out before we can catch it, we'll contact the last buyer to let them know. We'll be monitoring these items daily.

Please be advised that depending on how some manufacturers make items, a "normal" item may have a shorter expiration straight from the manufacturer. Those items aren't discounted. Any other vendor would be giving you the same thing and it's considered a new, fresh item. It's like the difference between orange juice and cereal expiring. Cereal is going to last longer because of what it is and how it's made. Only the items that we list that normally have a long expiration date and are coming up within the next 1-3 months will be listed. Anything that has already expired won't be listed.

Other than that, it's not really much different than going to your local pet store or supermarket and finding a mark down on products that have a shorter expiration date, like breads and meats. Price discounts are based on prices we pay the manufacturer, how much we have left, and have soon or far the date is. You may not see a correlation between different brands because of various factors. Most items are listed as "best by" but can often last many weeks or months beyond that date.

One strategy you may want to use is to mix the shorter expiration items with the newer ones. For example, if you have a dog that can eat one 30 lb bag in 2 months, you might get one bag of "short dated" item and one regular dated bag. You'll save on shipping and save quite a bit on the product.

In the mean time, you'll find on this page items listed the shorter expiration dates at a discount. The price shown below is the regular sale price. To see the further discounted price, you must click the item's info link.