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Charlee Bear Dog Treat Cheese & Egg 6 oz Pouch

Charlee Bear Dog Treat Cheese & Egg 6 oz Pouch
Item code: CBDT-114614
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Charlee Bear Treats are convenient and tasty rewards, great for training or just for fun. These unique little dog treats are very popular and great for training. Nutritious & Delicious The flavorful and nutritious treats contain only 3 calories each, compared to a typical medium-sized dog biscuit with about 35 calories and a large one with over 100. Charlee Bear Dog Treats rely on great flavor - not fats - for taste appeal. The treats are all natural, which means no preservatives, no artificial color, and no sugar. Easy On Owners Dry, compact discs, Charlee Bear Treats are easy for humans to use and can be carried in pockets without smells, crumbs, or greasy stains. The treats are Pocket Perfect! UPC #787108962606