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"TESTIMONIALS" - for this product

 "We are a professional odor removal and fire and water damage restoration service in business for 51 years. We tested PureAyre extensively. As far as I can tell, it's the best product on the market for removing odors such as CAT and DOG URINE, chemical residue, SMOKE and most organic odors" -B.A. Pres. CLEAN TEC,-Santa Cruz, CA.  "My cat is allergic to citrus, so I tried PureAyre. Just one application took skunk smell off my cat- without shampooing! -Thanks"- C.G. San Pablo, CA.  PureAyre Gets our Certified Marine Surveyor's stamp of approval. It worked on deteriorating FISH, BILGE, DIESEL, and on ALL UNWELCOME BOAT ODORS" -R. & Assoc. Marine Appraisers-SAnta Cruz, CA.  "Our hockey club has TERRIBLE SWEAT SMELLS on gloves, shoes and hockey gear. Not onlt did nothing remove it, but some chemicals we tried actually caused allergic reactions on hands and feet. PureAyre took out the odors instantly..." -FHC, Oceanside NY.  "For years dogs have repeatedly 'marked' certain corners in our store. No other product worked until PUREAYRE. It completelt eliminated the URINE SMELL leaving no trace...the dogs no longer marked these spots. What a relief!" -SPW, Omaha Nebraska