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Earthshaking Statistics -- The Figures Although most people are aware that there are more dogs and cats being born than there are people willing to adopt them -- the actual number of unwanted dogs and cats is staggering. For example, did you know: a.. An estimated 52 million dogs and 57 million cats live with U.S. families. b.. For every human born, 7 puppies and kittens are born. c.. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years. d.. One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in 6 years. e.. More than 12 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. Millions more are abandoned in rural and urban areas. f.. As many as 25% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebreds. g.. Approximately 61% of all dogs entering shelters are killed. h.. Approximately 75% of all cats entering shelters are killed. i.. It costs approximately $100 to capture, house, feed, and eventually kill each stray animal -- a cost which you, the taxpayer, eventually pay. *Please help reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats by spaying/neutering your pet(s). There are many non-profit organizations that offer low-cost spaying/neutering programs if you need financial assistance. Approximate costs for a purebred dog: from puppy to senior care for a dog who lives 10 years and weigh 50 pounds: Purchase price: $ 300 (varies wildly) Vaccinations: $ 50 Annual physical: $ 100 (x 10 years) Heartworm/flea dip/tick treatment: $ 100 (x 10 years) Annual dental care: $ 200 (x 10 years) Boarding: $ 15 daily (average 1 week a year) Town registration: $ 10 (Annual) Spay or neuter: $ 100 Grooming: $ 25 (once per month) Dog food: $ 25 (Weekly, includes occasional treats) Fecal exam: $ 15 (helpful for older dog in diagnosing ailments) Arthritis Medication for Older Dog: $ 150 annually (x 3 years) Euthanasia/Final costs: $ 175 TOTALS: LIFETIME TOTALS: $ 20,820; $ 2,375 in the first year, $ 1,975 annually; $ 2,140 for older dogs ----The Patriot Ledger - What we spend on pets Demographics by amount of money spent on a dog Comparing dog owners spending above $ 300, some interesting distinctions are presented. Those spending more than $ 300 - More live in the east, north central region - Typically live in larger cities - Are slightly younger (44 years of age) - Have higher annual household incomes - Have somewhat larger households - Slightly more are married - Significantly more have children under 18 years of age -- Those spending less than $ 300 - More live in the west, north central region - Greater penetration of living in rural areas - Marginally older (46 years of age) - Have a lower household income - Have slightly fewer people in the household - Somewhat more are not married - More households have no children under 18 years of age -- Annual U.S. Spending On Pets: 1994: $ 17 billion 1996: $ 21 billion 1999: $ 23 billion Est. 2001: $ 28.5 billion *Source: American Pet Products Manufacturing Association NEAR RECORD A Saint Bernard dog in upstate New York gave birth to 16 live puppies, tying the second-largest puppy litter in recorded history, her owners said. The 2 1/2-year-old dog, King Triton's Ariel, originally delivered a litter of 17 Saint Bernard puppies April 7, but one of the puppies died shortly after birth, said her owner/breeder Greg Howard, according to a Reuters report. "She is doing great and all puppies are doing fine," said Howard, of Philmont, N.Y. He said the pups are feisty and hungry. The Guinness Book of World Records notes that 16 Great Danes were born in June 1987 in Little Hall, England. That litter originally totaled 23 but seven puppies died after birth. The largest ever recorded was delivered June 19, 1944, in Ambler, Penn., when 23 American foxhounds were born. Howard and his wife, Renee Wendover are taking turns with three-hour shifts to satisfy the insatiable new puppies. Ariel is recuperating from her laborious birth on a blanket in a blue children's pool and the puppies are brought to her for nursing eight at a time. Last year, Ariel's first litter yielded eight puppies. The new offspring will be sold for $600 when they are 8 weeks old.