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The Facts... Most odor eliminators only cover smells with chemical perfumes & Some just numb your sense of smell!  Certain odors can be noxious and even contribute to fatal respiratory diseases.  Exposure to simple hair bleaches have resulted in asthma in hairdressers.Volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as formaldehyde, pesticides, solvents, cleaning agents, and even those used in arts & crafts and hobbles are a factor in eye and upper respiratory irritation, nasal congestion, rash, itching, headaches and nausea.1.  The vaporization of formaldehyde, used in many wood finishes, has been traced to nosebleeds and is a probable human carcinogen.2.  Air pollution inside your home puts you at a much greater risk than being outdoors.3.  Many air fresheners contain paradichlorobenzene, a contaminant known to cause cancer in animals. Manufacturers are not required by law to list the ingredients in their odor eliminators and fabric softeners. 1: International Archives of Health, 1997 2: U.S. Environmental Agency 3: Archives of Environmental Health, 1997 The Solution - PureAyre™ The first food-grade fabric & air freshener! PureAyre breaks the molecular bonds of odor-causing chemicals, which eliminates odors and their harmful toxins. PureAyre is a blend of many enzymes in purified water. A few drops of essential oils have been added to make a quickly dissipating scent that is as refreshing and invigorating as pure air.