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Best Pine Horse Bedding 40lb Bag by Dry Stall

Best Pine Horse Bedding 40lb Bag by Dry Stall
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The KAT Company has expanded their line of horse bedding products to include "BEST PINE". The pelleted pine product is made of compressed pine shavings, and joins Dry Stall, Cedar Dry, and Best Cedar in the KAT Company line. "BEST PINE" is much drier thanks to being kiln dried shortly after coming off the log. The result is 5-6% moisture (vs. 12% for shavings) moisture content that facilitates super absorbency of both moisture and odors. One 40 pound bag of "BEST PINE" will absorb 162 gallons of urine. How to use "Best Pine" Using "Best Pine" will change your life as well as the way you clean your stalls. You will have less waste to dispose of when using "Best Pine" as well as more quality time with your horses. How do you have less waste? Because "Best Pine" is permanent - you do not have to remove the wet spots like shavings. You will need to add "Best Pine" periodically. Their are three different ways you can use "Best Pine": 1) Completely strip the stall and add 10 bags of "Best Pine" for a 12x12 stall; there will be a thin layer of pellets on the floor; as the pellet absorbs the urine, it will begin to expand, doubling in volume in a day or two. After a few days it will be expanded and will supply an ample amount of bedding for your horse. 2) Follow the same procedure and apply water with a hose. This will expand the bedding immediately. 3) Either add a bag of shavings on top of the pellets to give immediate softness or use your old shavings by banking them, apply the pellets and then cover your existing shavings. Now is the hard part: DO NOT REMOVE THE WET SPOTS. Instead, mix any wet spots with the dry bedding. The pellets will absorb the urine as well as neutralize the ammonia odor. Once the pellets have reached full volume and they have stopped expanding, begin to pick out only the very saturated spots. "Best Pine" is completely safe for composting. You all kept asking for Dry Stall Bedding Products, so we had no choice but to offer up the entire Dry Stall Line to you all where Dry Stall isn't available. If you gotta have a Dry Stall, you gotta have Dry Stall! PLEASE NOTE:: SHIPPING IS NOT FREE ON THIS PRODUCT!! IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 3 BAGS THE SHIPPING COST WILL READ AS ZERO $(0) AND WE MUST CALCULATE AND CONFIRM THE SHIPPING COST WITH YOU BEFORE YOUR ORDER SHIPS. UNDER 150LBS WILL GIVE A SHIPPING COST