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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals FilStar Bio-Chem Zorb

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals FilStar Bio-Chem Zorb
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Canister filter media designed to fit the FilStar XP. The ultimate media for the removal of organic waste from fresh and saltwater. Bio-Chem® Zorb - for fresh and salt water: Removes dissolved organic waste Makes water crystal clear by removing aquarium pollutants that cause discoloration and foul odors Removes toxic heavy metals in fresh water Does not remove trace elements from saltwater aquariums Bio-Chem Zorb is composed of two organic scavenger resins and two ion-exchange resins, combined with a high-porosity activated carbon. Together, they remove synthetic chemicals, naturally occurring organic pollutants and metabolic by-products from aquarium water. Bio-Chem Zorb filters water to a level not achievable with carbon alone. Organic Pollutants in the Aquarium: Bacterial decomposition of dead fish and plants, uneaten fish food and solid waste from fish and invertebrates creates organic pollutants in the aquarium. In nature, water currents and tides carry these pollutants away. Aquarium water, however, is changed only periodically. In between changes, organic pollutants can accumulate to harmful levels. Effect of Accumulated Organic Pollutants in the Aquarium: