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Wellness WellDefense 60ct Bottle for Dogs and Cats

Wellness WellDefense 60ct Bottle for Dogs and Cats
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Note: This product has been discontinued by Wellness. The original manufacturer for Wellness still makes this product under their Pet Naturals Immune Support brand.

Immune System - Preventative Care for Long Term Health An animal's immune response is its defense against foreign substances (antigens, pathogens). Its role is to seek out, identify, and destroy those invading substances before they can cause disease or other health problems. A strong immune system is an important part of staying healthy, avoiding serious illness, and fighting off exposure to pathogens. Pure N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a nutritional supplement that supports an animal's immune system. WellDefense is a versatile health potentiating and healing nutrient. It can be used to maintain good health, enhance performance and productivity as well as aid in the healing and restoration processes necessary to overcome a number of adverse health conditions. DMG is an intricate part of human and animal metabolism and has been used in the health field as a nutritional supplement for almost three decades. As a nutritional supplement, WellDefense (DMG) can improve physical and mental performance by helping the body adapt to various forms of stress, such as aging, poor oxygen availability, free radical damage, and a weakened immune system.