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Supreme Charlie Chinchilla Dry Food 2 lbs

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Charlie Chinchilla is carefully formulated to provide your chinchilla with a nutritionally complete daily diet. Each ingredient has been purposely selected for its high quality nutritional benefits and high levels of palatability. Charlie Chinchilla is a visually appealing tasty mix; the varied shapes, sizes and textures will provide interest and also enables natural foraging behavior, ensuring your pet will remain happy and healthy. This unique recipe contains a blend of natural ingredients, which will provide a chinchilla with 100% of the nutritional needs and mealtime enjoyment.

Formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of chinchillas, Charlie Chinchilla contains 16% fiber, which will promote a healthy digestive system, and will also assist with vital dental wear. The precise formulation of Charlie Chinchilla means there is no need for nutritional supplementation – you can be confident that your chinchilla will be receiving all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure the best of health.