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Jungle Labs Pond Clear Zyme Block - 4 Pack

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Jungle Labs Pond Clear Zyme Block (4 Pack) contain billions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that quickly break down the unsightly wastes that accumulate on the bottom of ponds as a sludge layer. These wastes are the result of uneaten food, fish wastes, decaying plants, rotting leaves, and dead algae. Left untreated, this sludge layer leads to reduced oxygen levels, increased ammonia levels, clogged biological filters, and overall poor water conditions.

Clear-Zyme blocks are also ideal when setting up a new pond, and during the spring start-up and fall shut-down of established ponds. The blend of safe bacteria and enzymes is beneficial for developing and maintaining the pond's natural biological balance.

Jungle Labs Clear-Zyme blocks dissolve on the bottom of the pond, disbursing the colony-forming bacteria where they work best.