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Exo-Terra Heatwave Rainforest, 8W, 110V, 10" x 11"

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The Exo Terra Heat Wave Rainforest  Terrarium Substrate Heater simulates the heated forest floor of tropical areas. In tropical areas or rainforests the sun is often blocked by trees, and clear skies alternate with cloudy conditions. Because of its climatological conditions (heavy rainfall combined with high humidity levels) the soil or substrate never heats up to the extremes like those experienced in desert environments. The power of the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rainforest Terrarium Substrate Heater is balanced to create these conditions in the terrarium as well as providing safe, even heat distribution. Easy to install, the Exo Terra Heat Wave Rainforest Terrarium Heater can be mounted under the tank or on the tank wall. Available in three sizes:Small, Medium, and Large (PT-2022, PT-2024, PT-2026).