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Pepperdogz Buffalo Dog Patties 5 lbs

Pepperdogz Buffalo Dog Patties 5 lbs
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Buffalo provides high nutrient density due to the proportion of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins compared to caloric value
Buffalo is lower in sodium & higher in iron compared to other meats
Dogs love buffalo's sweet taste!
Optimal protein/vegetable/fruit ratio for a complete & balanced meal FOR YOUR DOG: 70% wholesome meats & organs / 30% whole, fresh vegetables & fruits
Grain-free food (no wheat, corn, rice, potato, etc.)
Individual patties are flash frozen to seal in maximum freshness

Grass-fed bison, bison hearts, bison livers, bison kidneys, carrots, broccoli, Napa cabbage, pumpkin, apples, ground eggshells, parsley, apple cider vinegar, organic cold-pressed flax seed oil, wild salmon oil, safflower oil, natural vitamin E, organic kelp, ground chicory root, organic rosemary leaf, organic wheatgrass, organic alfafla, turmeric

Guaranteed analysis:
Crude Protein: 13% min, Crude Fat: 8% min, Crude Fiber: 3% max
Moisture: 69% max
Ash: 2% max
Calcium: 0.65% min
Phosphorous: 0.40% min

Caloric contect: 354 kcal per 1/2 lb. patty,

Thawing Instructions:
Keep patties frozen until ready to thaw.
Place needed amount in a sealed container and leave in the refrigerator to thaw overnight.
For quick thawing, place patties in a sealed zip-lock bag and rest in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes.
Should your dog prefer his or her food warmed up, add a bit of warm water or broth and mix in.
We do not recommend microwaving, since it diminishes the nutritional value of the ingredients.

Handling Instructions:
Wash your hands and any surfaces that come in contact to raw food with warm soapy water.
Wash your dog's bowl after each feeding.
Should your dog not finish the meal within 30 minutes, remove and discard the remains.
Make sure young children do not have access to the raw food.

Serving Portions:
Are based on suggested daily intake of a moderately active adult dog.
Increase feeding portions by 35% to 50% from the indicated guidelines when feeding puppies and pregnant or nursing moms.
Individual requirements may vary based on your dog's life stage, activity level, breed and general health.
Transition to a raw diet should be done gradually, preferably over a period of 7 to 10 days.
Pepperdogz Buffalo Patties are formulated to meet the nutritional profiles set by AAFCO for all life stages of a dog.