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Oxbow Pet Products Alfalfa Nibbles 15 oz Bag

Oxbow Pet Products Alfalfa Nibbles 15 oz Bag
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The ideal protein, calcium and fiber combination for growing animals! Alfalfa is a legume forage hay that is referred to as the "queen of forages". It differs from grass hays such as timothy, orchard, oat and brome in the leaf, stem and root structure. This creates higher protein, calcium and energy content in alfalfa than in these grass hays. Alfalfa provides the calcium essential for growing bones. It is also a source of important minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, zinc and selenium. Alfalfa is a wonderful high-fiber food for growing animals. Young animals can be offered alfalfa hay on a daily basis in addition to their grass hay. As your pet matures and calcium requirements decrease, gradually reduce the amount of alfalfa in the diet. After six months of age an animal should begin a gradual transition to 100% grass hay such as Oat Hay, Western Timothy, Orchard Grass or Bunny Brome.