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Nutrafin Max Complete Food Large Flakes, 2.65 oz.

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Nutrafin Max Complete Flake Food for Tropical Fish Max Complete Flake Food for all tropical fish is formulated with carefully selected natural ingredients for high energy. Low phosphorous content minimizes the risk of algae blooms in the aquarium. Highly palatable pre-digested plankton (P.D.P.) enhances brilliant colors. The floating mini pellets soften in water to entice the most finicky fish to eat. Multi-vitamin supplements ensure optimum growth and disease resistance. The results are beautiful, healthy fish and clean aquarium water.

Energy-producing natural ingredients, important multi-vitamin supplements and pre-digested plankton are combined in this highly palatable flake food designed to maintain the health and vitality of all tropical fish varieties. Will not cloud the water when used as directed.

Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, PDP, soy protein concentrate, corn flour, oat meal, squid meal, fish liver meal, soy flour, wheat gluten meal, krill, dried yeast, squid liver meal, shrimp meal, fish oil, laver aquatic plant, amino acids, wheat germ meal, lecithin, vanillin, chlorophyll, citric acid, vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, vitamin D-pantothenic acid, vitamin C (l-ascorbyl-2-phosphate), inositol, biotin, niacin, ethoxyquin (as a preservative). PDP: pre-digested plankton, fresh from the ocean, rich in pigment and prepared using a patented bio-process.