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S.A.M. Down Under Jackeroo Small Home (SAMDU2)

S.A.M. Down Under <i>Jackeroo</i> Small Home (SAMDU2)
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Double the living space for your favorite critter! Our Penn-Plax S.A.M. Down Under Jackeroo Home gives your pet two levels of fun and activity--letting you watch your pet above and down under. Sized for hamsters and gerbils. Lots of room for sleep and play with plenty of nooks and crannies for your inquisitive pet to explore. Bottom level simulates your pet's natural environment. The translucent plastic lets you sneak a peek at all his underground antics. Plus, the enclosed design keeps your pet's bedding inside the cage and off your floor. Unique petting station opens for easy access to your pet. Animal specific wheel size encourages lots of beneficial exercise for your pet. Plastic housing is easy to clean and reduces harmful drafts. Water bottle and feeding areas are integrated into the unit. Expandable with connectable S.A.M. accessories, toys, and exercisers (sold separately). Includes A Guide to Hamster Care to help you learn how to provide a happy, healthy home for your pet. Technical Information Includes easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. Assembly can be an enjoyable family experience that should take about an hour.