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Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter - 7 Liter Bag

Next Gen Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter - 7 Liter Bag
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Kills bacteria and fights odor with Catechin. Catechin in each pellet kills bacteria and works to fight strong odor.Its Flushable: GREEN TEA LEAVES uses 100 percent all natural biodegradable natural ingredients. Daily maintenance of your cat box can be flushed down the toilet without harm.Its a Light Weight Product: REEN TEA LEAVES is less than 1/3 the weight of conventional clay litters.It Clumps: GREEN TEA LEAVES forms small round clumps that do not break apart when scooped from the cat box. Each clump is formed under the surface of the litter which reduces exposure to the air and noticeable odors.Its Economical: GREEN TEA LEAVES is made of wood powder which is highly absorbent. It captures moisture within seconds of contact allowing it to form smaller clumps which means more efficient and economical use.7 Liter Bag.