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Next Gen Flush Clean Cat Litter - 10 Liter Bag

Next Gen Flush Clean Cat Litter - 10 Liter Bag
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All Natural, 100 PERCENT FLUSH CLEAN is safe for sewer or septic systems. It can be flushed down the toilet (in daily consumption quantities) without clogging the pipes or affecting the bacteria in the septic tank. The unique, patented manufacturing process for FLUSH CLEAN allows for smaller clumps which means you use less litter per clump. One 10-liter bag of FLUSH CLEAN will last a single cat one month, which makes it more economical than most clay litters. Additionally, the clumps dry quickly and form small round balls which are easily scooped and do not break apart. No more mess, and the cat box always remains clean and fresh! 10 liter bag.