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Innova Reduced Fat Dog Food

Innova Reduced Fat Dog Food

Innova Reduced Fat dog food Healthy Food for Your Older Active Dog Dieting isn't fun for any of us - and that includes our faithful dog companions. As some dogs age - especially those confined to smaller areas or kept indoors - their activity levels decrease, their metabolism slows, and before you know it added inches and pounds seem to magically appear around the mid-section. What to do? Well, the tried-and-true solution is to increase exercise and decrease fat consumption. The exercise part is up to you, but we can help reduce the fat that your pet consumes. Innova Reduced Fat Dog Food is formulated with 40% less fat than regular Innova Adult dog food. But you'll be happy to know that Innova Reduced Fat dog food maintains all of the healthful Innova ingredient features and nutritional benefits that you've come to expect. It includes fresh, wholesome, nutritious ingredients from each of the basic five food groups: meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy and grains! Innova Reduced Fat Dog Food uses high quality turkey and chicken which are both very digestible sources of protein. We believe Reduced Fat shouldn't mean reduced nutritional quality. Animal Feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Innova Reduced Fat Adult Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance. Innova Reduced Fat Dry is available in 6.6 lb., 16.5 lb., and 33 lb. packages.