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Innova Puppy dry dog food

Innova Puppy dry dog food

Innova Puppy Food has been designed to supply highly digestible ingredients and important micronutrients needed to satisfy the urgent nutritional demands of growing puppies. In addition to the revolutionary use of fresh ingredients from the five basic food groups, Innova Puppy contains a unique blend of fat sources, including Hemp Oil, nature's best balance of essential fatty acids. Utilizing cold pressed hemp oil, chicken fat and ground flaxseed, Innova Puppy Food supplies the perfect balance of essential fatty acids which are critical in the creation and maintenance of cell membranes and the development of healthy skin and coat. Innova Puppy provides the optimal levels of nutrients puppies need so that they can grow into healthy adults. Innova Puppy Dry is available in 6.6 lb., 16.5 lb. and 33 lb. packages.