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Iceland Pure Salmon Oil 8.75oz Bottle

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This 100% salmon oil comes from the clean, pure waters of Iceland. Salmon oil is a natural source for Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important nutrients for the skin and coat - and for overall health. Many holistic veterinarians feed salmon oil to his dogs and cats every day, and recommends it to all of his patients. During the bottling process in Iceland, our salmon oil goes through a detoxification process that removes virtually all toxins and heavy metals - to the point where they are below detectable levels so that the oil can be called "toxin-free." The lab in Iceland uses a proprietary natural process to achieve these results and, subject to regulations of the European Good Manufacturing Practice and Pharmaceutical Production Commission and ISO 9002 (a European standards code), samples of its oils are tested frequently for toxicity levels by licensed third-party testing companies. More potency without the smell, even though humans can barely smell the scent of Salmon, the dogs go crazy for it. We added more filtration to take out the fishy smell. Of course house in our Hexane free brushed aluminum bottle. Featuring Our New Brushed Aluminum Bottles! No more worries about plastic contamination!