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Housebreaking and Training Your New Puppy

Housebreaking and Training Your New Puppy
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by Michael Kelly Publisher: TFH Publications One of the THE MOST POPULAR Basic training books designed for the new pet owner. Synopsis: Discusses crate, paper, and litterbox training, dealing with mishaps and mistakes, and feeding and housebreaking. Highly Recommended REVIEW: "I recently bought a Jack Russell Terrier, and anybody that owns one knows why I needed this book. My puppy is very fiesty and head-strong, which means he was not easy to train. I didn't know where to turn and almost thought about selling him because he was too much to handle. I finally decided I would send him to obedience school, but in the mean time I would buy a book to perhaps teach myself a little something about housebreaking new puppies. I browsed through numerous books, many sounding too much alike, which made it all the more difficult to decide. When I came to this book, after breezing through several pages, I realized this was the book for me. Easy to understand, and the illustrations helped out a whole bunch. I immediately started using the many tips they offered and within days started to see a change in my puppy. I couldn't believe it! The book is not real long, which is great for those of us that work. It's easy to read and comprehend and apply to any situation. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, easy-to-read book loaded with great tips!"