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Hagen Nutrafin Turtle Clean Terrarium Cleaner 8.4 oz

Hagen Nutrafin Turtle Clean Terrarium Cleaner 8.4 oz
Item code: PT1999
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8.4 fl.oz., treats 500 gallons. Biological turtle habitat cleaner cleans turtle terrariums, aquariums, bowls & gravel. Reduces & controls odors. Rapidly reduces organic waste. Nutrafin Turtle Clean Habitat CleanerNutrafin Turtle Clean Habitat Cleaner helps eliminate organic waste in turtle habitats (terrariums, aquariums, bowls & gravel). This powerful biological formula efficiently reduces solid turtle waste and leftovers that are a natural result of turtle feeding. Nutrafin Turtle Clean Habitat Cleaner helps improve filtration efficiency and is effective in controlling odors. The natural by product of our habitat cleaner is a food source for desirable beneficial bacteria. reptile habitat cleaner - 100% biological turtle habitat cleaner,Cleans turtle terrariums, aquariums, bowls & gravel,Reduces & controls odors,Rapidly reduces organic waste,Includes an accurate and easy to use dosage cap.

UPC#: '015561179508