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Eqyss Flea-Bite Pet Shampoo 16 oz

Eqyss Flea-Bite Pet Shampoo 16 oz
Item code: EQYSS029
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Ever wondered why your dog still scratches and itches even after a flea bath, like it still has fleas? It's because your dog has FLEA-BITE DERMATITIS - an allergic skin reaction to wherever the fleas have been on its body. This skin problem MUST be taken care of, or the suffering will continue. EQyss Flea Bite Shampoo and Spray are GUARANTEED to eliminate both of these problems. It is the only system that combines ingredients which control discomfort caused by fleas, while offering the benefits of a high quality moisturizing formula that is very gentle to the pet. Flea-Bite is completely safe for both yourself and your animal BECAUSE IT IS MADE FROM LEMONS. EQyss Flea-Bite Shampoo and Spray contain an exclusive trademarked ingredient developed from NASA research on the decontamination of astronauts, which makes this formula different from any other flea product. Environmentally friendly. Promotes healthy skin and coat. DEA FREE. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!