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Dry Stall Horse Bedding 40lb Bag

Dry Stall Horse Bedding 40lb Bag
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The mud and wetness stops here! "Dry Stall" is the optimum in horse bedding. It is a horse bedding that will NOT decompose or have to be removed - it is permanent. "Dry Stall" is a naturally occurring lightweight volcanic aggregate. Due to its porosity, it is an ideal medium for aerating, softening, and draining your soil. "Dry Stall" is more absorbent and offers better soil conditioning than decomposed gravel or sand. It IS a horse bedding that will keep your stall dry - free from moisture and ammonia - reduce fly populations - extend shavings life and much, much more! If you are looking for an easy to use horse bedding that will promote the health and well being of your horses, then "Dry Stall" is the horse bedding of choice. You all kept asking for Dry Stall Bedding Products, so we had no choice but to offer up the entire Dry Stall Line to you all where Dry Stall isn't available. If you gotta have a Dry Stall, you gotta have Dry Stall! PLEASE NOTE:: SHIPPING IS NOT FREE ON THIS PRODUCT!! IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 3 BAGS THE SHIPPING COST WILL READ AS ZERO $(0) AND WE MUST CALCULATE AND CONFIRM THE SHIPPING COST WITH YOU BEFORE YOUR ORDER SHIPS. UNDER 150LBS WILL GIVE A SHIPPING COST