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The Wonder Fork™ by Farnam

The Wonder Fork™ by Farnam
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The manure fork with the built-in basket The Incredible Wonder Fork is the biggest improvement in the history of the manure fork. The patented built-in basket design keeps manure from rolling off. It's also a big help in picking up after big dogs. And there are dozens of other uses, too -- from barnyard to backyard. There's nothing else like it! Makes manure removal faster, there's no dropping the droppings. Pays for itself by saving bedding. Exceptionally sturdy for dependable service. Lightweight design makes it easy to handle. Sturdy, coated hardwood handle Built-in basket lets you shake bedding out without dropping the manure. Handle ties into the tine support for added strength Rust proof, durable stainless steel hardware Handle socket is located under the weight, not behind it as in other forks Side panels hold more manure, so fewer trips to the muck bucket Reinforced tines molded from the same tough plastic class as bullet proof glass. Can handle lots of hard work Available in black, blue, red or green SORRY NO CUSTOMER COLOR CHOICE... -Absolutely UNBEATABLE PRICE

Wonder fork set of 3Wonder fork set of 3
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