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OVERVIEW of this product

Healthy hoofs start from within, with good nutrition. Helps prevent cracked hoofs and weak walls Helps restore normal hoof growth Helps hoofs hold shoes longer Highly palatable and easy to feed Feeding Instructions 6 oz. scoop enclosed. Feed 6 oz. per day. After feeding 6 oz. per day for 6 to 8 months, change to a maintenance level of 3 oz. per day. If the problem persists, resume feeding 6 oz. per day. Dosage based on an 1,100 lb. horse. Adjust amount fed according to body weight; more for larger horses, less for smaller horses, ponies or foals. Horseshoer's Secret has been formulated to provide the correct nutrients in the right proportions for optimum hoof health. The exclusive formula contains: BIOTIN Aids in the proper development of healthy hoofs. Studies show adding 5 to 30 mg biotin daily to feed results in improved hoof wall quality. Horseshoer's Secret contains 15 mg of biotin per serving. ZINC COMPLEX Highly absorbable form of zinc. Aids in the keratinization process of the hoof, improving hoof quality. Horseshoer's Secret contains 300 mg per serving of zinc. METHIONINE Required for proper hoof protein development. Contains 3000 mg of methionine per feeding, the amount studies show to be effective in hoof supplements. YEAST High quality yeast is a base ingredient in Horseshoer's Secret. Supplies nutritive ingredients to aid overall digestion. CALCIUM Added calcium helps in the proper development of the inner structures of the hoof. COPPER COMPLEX Horseshoer's Secret contains 100 mg per serving of a highly bioavailable form of copper. Involved in the formation of collagen, a major connective tissue protein. Improves pigmentation and structure of the hair and hoof. PROTEIN Horseshoer's Secret contains 20% supplemental complete protein in the form of soybean meal. Helps in the healthy development of the inner structures of the hoof. FLAX MEAL Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for healthy skin, coat and proper hoof moisture and pliability. LYSINE Adequate amounts may not be provided in many base diets. Plays a key role in the growth and maintenance of all tissues. Horseshoer's Secret contains 1400 mg of lysine per serving. Horseshoer's Secret Efficacy Guarantee You should see a new, healthier band of hoof growth directly below the coronary band after supplementing with Horseshoer's Secret for 8 to 10 weeks. If you do not see new, healthier growth, call our technical service line at 1-800-234-2269 for consultation