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Biologic VETnx BioJoint 400 g

Biologic VETnx BioJoint 400 g
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Biologic VETnx BioJoint. High Potency Powdered Format for Maximum Absorption TISSUE REGENERATION BioJOINT is more than a passive supply of glucosamine and other joint tissue building blocks. It is a distinctly complex and carefully engineered formula, supplying nitric oxide regulators, chondrocyte activators, and powerful herbal anti-inflammatory ingredients. Here is a snapshot of how it works: Chondrocytes are cells that manufacture cartilage building bocks (proteoglycans and collagen) from glucosamine and other essential nutrients. Without chondrocyte activators, glucosamine supplementation is futile. The aging body loses its capacity to produce internal antioxidants and poor antioxidant status contributes to nitric oxide mis-regulation, interfering with chondrocyte cartilage production, thus inhibiting cartilage reconstruction. BioJOINT includes the research-documented strategy of precise antioxidant activity with the right glucosamine combination and carefully selected, correctly proportioned nitric oxide regulators. THE VALUE OF SULPHUR Sulfur is a key component of the cartilage protein cross-linking and anti-inflammatory protection. Without this essential mineral, complete tissue regeneration is not possible. The significantly less expensive glucosamine hydrochloride may work for young animals with joint damage but not for antioxidant-deprived animals (undernourished, stressed, or senior years). Research supports the use of the more costly glucosamine sulfate, which is crucial for structural support. It is also important for nitric oxide regulation in joints. A precisely proportioned dose of chondroitin further supports the activation of joint regeneration. In addition, this nutraceutical technology includes the natural potency of COX enzyme inhibition for powerful anti-inflammatory activity without the common gastrointestinal dangers associated with ASA-containing drugs and other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Therapeutic Use: Administer daily to animals with stiff or injured joint tissue including hip dysplasia. Preventive Use: Senior Animals: Administer at label recommended dose for senior animals (5+ years) to prevent joint deterioration and eliminate pain associated with age-related wear. Sporting Animals: Administer at label recommended dose but only two to three times weekly to support joint tissue recovery and prevent premature wear.