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BiologicVET BioVITES 1600g

BiologicVET BioVITES 1600g
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High Potency Powdered Format for Maximum Absorption STRESS INCREASES NUTRIENT DEMANDS BioVITES is the foundation of the BiologicVET strategy, added daily to the animal's meals. Stress increases nutrient demands, including the requirement for nutrients which are not essential in the diet - conditionally essential nutrition. Vitamin C, for example, may not be considered essential for most animals but it becomes so when they are exposed to stress. Pet stressors include social strains, anxiety, poorly processed nutrition (ie. poorly designed, heat-treated, dry kibble foods), environmental toxins (ie. gardening and cleaning agents), emotional duress, loneliness, aging, and even accepted pesticide chemicals (ie. worming and flea compounds). Exposure to multiple stressors requires a higher dietary nutrient density. The addition of BioVITES to the diet increases nutrient density, providing natural tools essential for disease prevention.