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Biologic VET BioSport 1600g

Biologic VET BioSport 1600g
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High Potency Powdered Format for Maximum Absorption NATURAL ANABOLIC & ANTI-CATABOLIC BioSPORT is a blend of natural, performance-enhancing nutraceuticals. It delivers lean muscle building blocks with transport facilitators and activators, undenatured cellular peptides, and efficient fuels for maximum energy and power output. It contains a supplemental source of electrolytes and other minerals and helps maintain functional pH, maximum muscle phosphate load, healthy and safe anabolic potential, and balanced hormone health during extreme physical load. This promotes fast tissue and energy recovery, muscle and general system regeneration, and nutrient repletion. Designed for active animals requiring high levels of, and more bioavailable, nourishment. Perfect for performance athletes involved in endurance and/or power sports. Presaturation for extended periods before performance/activity promotes best results. For maximum results, use with BiologicVET base - BioFATS (1) and BioVITES (2), in this order. BioSPORT is a great addition to senior(5+) animal diets if energy and strength support are needed. Performance: Administer as label recommended to animals for stamina and medium strength events. For power sports, double the recommended dose for a saturation period of seven days and follow with label recommended doses.