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Biologic VET BioSkin & Coat 1600g

Biologic VET BioSkin & Coat 1600g
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Biologic VET BioSkin & Coat 400g. High Potency Powdered Format for Maximum Absorption Natural Relief BioSkin&Coat is a natural formulation containing powerful COX inhibition activity (anti-inflammatory activity) and potent antihistamine activity to combat allergic reactions naturally. It includes key minerals and vitamins essential to this process, ensuring these nutrients are available abundantly for long-term recovery. BioSkin&Coat works by jump-starting anti-inflammatory and antihistamine activity while encouraging metabolic correction. For best results, use with BiologicVET base - BioFATS (1) and BioVITES (2), in this order. Biologic VET BioSkin & Coat 400g Therapeutic Use: Introduce BioFATS first, adding BioSKIN&COAT within two to three days. BioVITES contains a healthy dose of B-Vitamins and may cause itching in some animals with pre-existing sensitivity. Introduce BioVITES last in the case of skin conditions.