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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Softener Pillow 49A

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Water Softener Pillow 49A
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This pillow contains ion exchange resins that will remove calcium, magnesium and heavy metals from the water. It lowers the general hardness and softens the water without adding any harnful chemicals.

How does it work?

The water softener pillow fits into aquarium filters providing continuous removal of minerals and heavy metals. Softening the water improves your fish health and prevents mineral deposits from forming on the aquarium surface. Softer water is ideal for many fish, such as tetras, angelfish and South American cichlids, maintaining a stable aquarium environment is easier when using a water softener pillow.

Directions of use;

1. Remove the pillow from the jar and and place in the aquarium filter. The pillow may be placed in the aquarium but the softening process will take longer.

2. The pillow will last 48 hours, after 48 hours remove the pillow and recharge.

How do I recharge the pillows?

Remove the pillow and rinse in tap water. Make a recharging solution by dissolving 60 g (3 tablespoonfuls) of non-iodized salt in 210 ml (7oz.) of water. Place the pillow in solution for at least 2 hours for full recharging. Make a new recharge solution after 4 recharges. Although reusable, the pillows will eventually need replacing when they become ineffective


Water softener pillows should not be used while treating the aquarium with any medication. Large Size.