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Aquarium Light Timer by Marineland

Item code: 45050299
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Marineland Aquarium Products has launched the Marineland Aquarium Light Timer, an easy-to-program, 24-hour programmable device that turns aquarium lights on and off automatically. Designed for use with all freshwater and marine aquarium lighting, the Aquarium Light Timer features a manual override and is grounded for operational safety. Rated at 15 amps, it has almost twice the current capacity of other light timers. “Timer-regulated lighting helps control algae growth, provides fish with a dependable, stress-minimizing waking/sleep cycle, and is ideal for maintaining a plant-healthy environment while the hobbyist is away,” comments Marineland Director of Product Management Alex Canales, adding “ And of course, from a purely retail perspective, it’s the perfect add-on item to augment aquatic system sales.” Programming is a simple three-step process. Set the current time by rotating the numbered dial until the selection arrow points to the proper number. Set the working time by pressing a grey dial clip for each hour desired for operation -- each clip represents 15 minutes. Then, just set the “TIMER ON”, plug the light into the timer, and the timer into an electrical outlet.