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(61160) Living World Premium Rabbit Mix, 2 lbs., standup zipper bag

(61160) Living World Premium Rabbit Mix, 2 lbs., standup zipper bag
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Living World CLASSIC Dwarf and Young Rabbit food provides a tasty selection of the finest seeds, cereals and nuts. While freely eating the delicious things rabbits love, they get everything they need for growth and a healthy life. CLASSIC contains the appropriate levels of protein, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals to help keep rabbits in excellent condition. Size: 2lbsProduct Benefits CLASSIC is a well balanced mix of high-quality vitamin and mineral enriched seeds, cereals, nuts, fruit and vegetables Includes orange oil to aid vitamin and mineral absorption and gives the food its pleasant aroma Balanced calcium-to-phosphorous ratio ensures healthy teeth and bones High natural level of B-carotene in the alfalfa meal, which can improve breeding performance Variety of crunchy textures helps maintain their constantly growing teeth Highly palatable All bags are CO2 flushed to prevent insect contamination Zipper bag helps keep food fresher longer Environmentally friendly packaging Available in 908 g (2 lbs) bags.