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Kordon AmQuel® Plus Instant Water Detoxifier 16 oz.

Kordon AmQuel® Plus Instant Water Detoxifier 16 oz.
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AmQuel Plus Instant Water Detoxifier removes nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, chlorine, chloramines, and toxic organics in older water. Because it removes a range of toxic nitrogenous compounds that otherwise build up in older aquariums and ponds, it allows for less frequent water changes, which can be a great saving in time and expense. AmQuel Plus does not interfere with biological filtration or nitrifying bacteria and is safe to use in reef and "live rock" aquariums. AmQuel Plus is not acidic and its chemical content when added to water does not affect pH. It has a non-toxic odor that quickly disappears in water. Treats 960 gallons fresh or saltwater aquariums. Shipping weight: 1 1/3 lbs.